Career options for Sociology graduates

Many people apply for an education in Sociology in order to start scientific career in this particular area - they complete a Bachelor degree, then complete Master and PhD degree in their chosen specialization and then start post-doctoral research. But, of course, not every Bachelor graduate holding a degree in Sociology would choose this part. One of the advantages of Sociology is that it is a rather basic Social Sciences degree and it will be useful in many professions which are more or less connected with society and communication with people.

One of these professions is counselling. Counselors are self-employed or work for private clinics or charity organizations and provide support to families and persons in difficult situations. Graduates with a degree in Sociology can also start a career of youth workers and protect children and teenagers. Youth workers can be employed by special organizations or by educational institutions. Career guidance specialists is also a great career opportunity for Sociology graduates - they help high school students to understand what they want from life and future career and education.

Actually, many career options for Sociology graduates are similar to opportunities for Social Work graduates, with one difference - Social Work degree is more applied, so Sociology graduates will probably have to gain more work experience by additional internships or volunteering.

Since one of the most important skills which is improved by a degree in Sociology is communication, graduates can find a job in almost every area they are interested in: politics, media, human resource management, tourism - all these fields are opened for you, and the only problem is specific work experience, which can be solved by relevant internships or volunteering.

Summarizing, a degree in Sociology is a great path for those who wish to work with people and help them, but is not quite sure which specific field they should choose.