Career Options for Biology Graduates

Career options

A degree in Biological Sciences gives a lot of opportunities and opens a lot career paths. But the perspective career depends on the degree level and willingness to work in scientific or nonscientific fields.

Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences are already able to start a nonscientific career in accountancy, finance, marketing or management. They can also start career in environmental and engineering consulting firms, veterinary research organizations, hospitals, universities, or agriculture companies.

Those who wish to start a research career in biology, most likely continue their education and start a career holding a Masters or PhD degree. A higher degree level opens more job opportunities and more areas to specialize. PhD or Masters graduates can start a career in variety of government or private institutions, investigating new medicines for humanity, protecting animals and plants diversity, protecting environment and climate.

Graduates from Biological Sciences programs are also able to start medical career if they had a relevant specialization during their study period. They can work as practising doctors in medical institutions such as hospitals or clinics or become independent consultants.

The list of available career paths is enormous, so your future after getting a degree depends only on your chosen specialization and your will.




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