Chemical Engineering specializations

Chemical Engineering is a diverse discipline and it covers a variety of different sub-disciplines, dedicated to a specific technology or specific products. Here you can find some common specializations of Chemical Engineering.

Ceramic Engineering

Ceramic Engineering is dedicated to the production of objects from non-organic and non-metallic materials, usually with high temperature. Beside daily living needs, Ceramic Engineering can be used in military area, aerospace, biomedicine, optics, electronics and several other areas.

Crystal Engineering

Crystal Engineering is dedicated to the designing and production of solid structures with сrystalline molecular compound. This area of Chemical Engineering is deeply connected with Physics and Mathematics.

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering works with production of hydrocarbons, such as natural gas or crude oil. Petroleum Engineering itself consists of three main branches - drill engineering, which is concerned on issues related to drilling and injecting, reservoir engineering, which aim is optimizing the production of hydrocarbons, and production engineering, which controls the interaction between the reservoir and the well.

Food Engineering

Food Engineering combines Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Agriculture. Its aim is production of food and development of  production processes. Food engineering is also concerned on the environmentally friendly disposal of food waste.

These and many other branches of Chemical Engineering can be studied as separate programs or as  modules in Chemical Engineering degree.




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