Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a Psychology Studies sub-discipline, which studies mental disorders. The aim of Clinical Psychology is understanding, healing and preventing different psychologically based dysfunctions.

Clinical Psychology includes four main academic schools: psychodynamic, humanistic, behavior therapy, and systems or family therapy.

Psychodynamic originates in the writings of Sigmund Freud and is closely related to psychoanalysis. Specialists in psychodynamic usually use a method of free association in their practice.

Humanistic psychology appeared as a reaction to psychodynamic in 1950s. The main aim of this school is self-actualization of a person, based on congruence, positive regard, and empathy from the specialist.

Behavioral  therapy states close connection of thoughts, emotions and behavior, its aim is developing dysfunctional behavior and emotions to healthy relationship with oneself and other people.

Family therapy is specific area of clinical psychology,  based on couching couples and families.

Future career

Graduates of Clinical Psychology study programs are able to start clinical practice (it usually requires a Masters Degree in clinical psychology), or research or teaching activity.

Where to study?

On our website you can find several study programs in Clinical Psychology, for example, Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology (MA) in Free University Amsterdam, Netherlands, Applied Psychology: Clinical Specialism (MA) in The Queen's University Belfast, UK, or Foundations of Clinical Psychology (MA) in Bournemouth University, UK. Usually Bachelors programs in Psychology are rather wide, and students are expected to find their specialization during the undergraduate period of study.




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