Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science is a discipline which combines such areas as neurobiology, psychology, linguistics, ethology, philosophy and artificial intellect theory. It was developed as an answer to the Behavioral Science to claim a new way to study human behaviour. So this is the aim of the cognitive science - studying the laws of thought and perception.

The basic principle of cognitive science is the discovery of a similarity between human consciousness and artificial intelligence. These similarities will help to create an ideal artificial intellect, which will be able to create, learn independently, as well as fully communicate with the person. Cognitivists claim this will be possible when they discover the puzzle of intelligence, or open and explain all processes in human brain, which are responsible for higher nervous system activities.

Cognitivists claim that a person's consciousness is equivalent to his brain or is solely its product.  In opposition to this rather solipsistic doctrine, a new (applied) branch was established in cognitive science, which considers empirical experience as an important part of consciousness.

Study programs in Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science is a very young discipline, so it is rarely taught in universities. However, on our website you can find several study programs related to Cognitive Science, for example, BA Cognitive Science Concentration in California State University, Channel Islands, USA, or MA Cognitive Neuroscience in Anglia Ruskin University, UK, or MA Cognitive Neuroscience in University of York in UK.

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