How much will Study Abroad cost?

The cost depends on the type of program that is chosen, the length of stay, the sponsoring school, etc. If the program is through your student's home university, fees will be about the same as current tuition rates, but can vary depending on the program. The other fees, which are often due prior to departure, may include costs such as airfare, meals, additional travel, etc. In order to evaluate the overall cost of the program, it will be necessary to contact the program department of the sponsoring institution to find out exactly what is included.

Will all grades/credits be accepted by the home university?

Prior to the acceptance of a study abroad program, be sure to have all the information regarding the credit/grade approval process requirements from the home institution. Generally, the courses/classes the student plans to take abroad must be pre-approved by their study abroad advisor, the registrar, faculty advisor, dean or admissions officer, to ensure the maximum amount of credit for the courses taken will be received. If the course information is not available until arrival at the study abroad location, be sure to find out what specific information is needed upon return to make sure the courses are accepted by the home institution.

«It is essential to get approval in advance — and in writing.» — Quote from the 'It's Your World' handbook. Questions for the student's advisor should include:

  • Will all of the classes my child plans to take fulfill his/her graduation requirements and count towards his/her academic major/minor where applicable?
  • Does my child's current institution require that he/she enroll in a defined number of courses/credits in order for transfer credits to be accepted?
  • What is the minimum course grade that will be accepted for credit transfer?
  • Is it required that course related information such as a syllabus, notes, exams, papers, fieldwork, etc. be furnished upon return?
  • Will the grade points from classes taken abroad be included in the GPA at his/her home institution, or will only the credits be accepted?
  • Will my child need to «withdraw» from his/her current institution if the chosen program is through another school, and then reapply in order to return the following semester/session? If so, what paperwork will need to complete prior to departure to make sure he/she is correctly reinstated upon return? Do course selection forms for the next semester/session need to be completed prior to departure?

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