Top Countries to Study Engineering

Engineering is a very important and diverse area, and a career of Engineer (no matter which specialization you’d choose) requires a great education. That is why many students wishing to study Engineering often think about studying Engineering abroad. One of the most important choices which they will have to consider is which country is the best for Engineering students. Here are some of the countries which we would recommend you to choose if you wish to study Engineering.


Of course, the US is probably one of the first thoughts of those who are choosing a country for a education in Engineering. A variety of world leading engineering and technical institutions, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Stanford University, CalTech are located in USA. International students applying for study programs in universities of USA can complete their education for free - there are a lot of foundations supporting international students, and universities themselves usually provide scholarships for international students. Some scholarships you can find on our website, our partner agencies will help you to find other ones.


China is a motherland for numerous factories and industries, so education in the field of Engineering is traditionally very strong in China, and Shanghai is spending a record amount of money to improve the quality of education, especially technical.


Singapore is a tiny island with one of the most strong and world famous educational systems in the world. Universities in Singapore have strong research sub-divisions, as well as integration with manufacturing, so besides excellent education, students will also receive the necessary experience for the work of an engineer. National University of Singapore is one of the best technical universities worldwide.


Just like the USA, the UK is famous by its high level of education. In the UK there are some of the oldest universities in the world with the highest standards of education and traditions. The prestige of education in the UK influences the price of studying at universities - on average, it is higher than in other countries. However, outstanding foreign students can apply for various scholarships and grants.