CSWE Accreditation

CSWE Accreditation

CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) Accreditation is an accreditation for Social Work study programs in institutions of USA. It was founded in 1952. The aim of this accreditation is to award the most professional study programs in  Social Work. Today 513 baccalaureate social work study programs and 252 master's  social work study programs in different institutions of the USA are accredited by CSWE.

The main standards of CSWE Accreditation include the length of study programs: a Master study program should last at least two years full-time, or four years part-time.  Special requirements also are set up for graduates holding a Masters degree: they should be able to prove their professionalism and acquired skills in the field of Social Work. The same requirements are also applied to bachelor's study programs in Social Work.

Membership in CSWE

Social Work graduates or current students can become members of CSWE community in USA. CSWE association includes more than 2500 members all over the USA. Nowadays the association is based in Alexandria, Virginia. Membership in CSWE gives social workers an opportunity to become leader in various social institutions. CWSE also provides advertising for its members. CSWE Community organises special meetings and conferences, where social workers can find foundation. By organizing various activities and initiatives, the community aims to create a centralized network of social workers and institutions with certain standards.
The additional information about membership in CSWE Community can be found on the official website.



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