Endodontics is one of the branches of Dentistry and Anatomy, which studies the structure and function of the endodontium. Endodontium is a complex of tissues including pulp (loose connective tissue with nerves filling the tooth) and dentin (hard tooth tissue).

The list of main procedures of Endodontics treating include the elimination of infection within the tooth: (the removal of pulp or its residues; or the removal of infected dentin), Shaping the root tooth canal in order to prepare  the tooth for dental fillings, Treating cracked teeth, Increasing the effectiveness of the drugs used. Many of these procedures consists of comprehensive surgery.

How to become an Endodontist?

The requirements for all dentists depend on the country where these dentists are planning to start their clinical practice. But because of the complexity of subject and wide range of procedures an Endodontist must be able to perform (including surgery), the requirements for Endodontists are usually more strict than for many other dentistry specialisations. For example, in USA, where a regular dentist can receive a licence after completing a Doctoral degree and specific examination, a future endodontist need to undergo 2-3 additional years of postgraduate training.

Study programs in Endodontics

Several study programs in Endodontics can be found by using our website, for example, MA Endodontics, King’s College London, University of London, UK, PhD Endodontics, University of Washington, USA, or PhD Endodontics, University of Western Australia. You can find more interesting study programs by using a Search button.