Career options for Engineering Physics graduates

Engineering Physics is a wide discipline which includes a variety of subdisciplines, so the expected career path of graduates holding a  degree in this area depends only on the interests of graduates and their specialization. Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering - all these areas welcome specialists in Engineering Physics. The most common employers of Engineering Physics graduates are research institutes and educational institutes, government, architectural agencies, space agencies, large and small industries, medical and pharmacological enterprises, factories.

Many career paths other from actual engineering are opened for all graduates with a degree in Engineering Physics. For example, one of the most popular job option for them is scientific writing or scientific journalism. They can also work as science and engineering experts on TV or radio. Teaching in higher education institutions and secondary schools is also a common job option, but it always requires special additional courses in education or a PhD degree in Engineering Physics.

Many graduates with a degree in Engineering Physics start a career in Law area (maybe with a help of joint degree or additional education in Law. The most popular Law area for Engineering Physics graduates is Intellectual Property Law.

Graduates who have received a Bachelor degree in Engineering Physics are fully prepared for graduate study programs in Physics, Applied Mathematics, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or other branches of Engineering.