Online courses in Gender Studies

Online courses in Gender Studies

If you are interested in Gender Studies, but do not have an opportunity to spend several years of your life for completing a degree, or do not want to quit your job, some universities provide you online courses in Gender Studies. Some courses are full-time and last several years and can be counted as a full degree, some courses are short and dedicated to one specific topic. We found you several courses online in foreign universities. All courses are taught in English.

Some of this courses are available for free (for example, on Coursera), but graduates will not receive any certificates or diplomas.

  1. Gender, Feminism, Art and Technology, The University of Texas at Austin. This course lasts 12 months and can be completed by free.
  2. Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender, the University of Melbourne.
  3. Gender and Technology, MIT.  Please note that MIT provides a lot of free online courses in Gender Studies, information about them can be found on the official website.
  4. Women’s and Gender Studies, UMass Dartmouth. This course last two semesters, after completing the course students will receive an undergraduate certificate,
  5.  Bachelor of Arts program, Women and Gender Studies, Arizona State University. This course cost $60000, graduates will receive a Bachelor Degree in Gender Studies.
  6.  Graduate Certificate in Gender and Women's Studies, Western Kentukki University.
  7. Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies Program, Utah State University. This course lasts 14 weeks and starts 8 May 2017.


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