How to become a pilot?

Pilot is a very difficult and honorable profession, a dream of a lot of kids all over the world. Of course, this profession requires a very specific and advanced education. Usually those who wishes to be a pilot apply for a pilot academy, but some universities (especially engineering) sometimes also offer study programs in this area. It is highly recommended to train on the country where you are planning to work because of different standards of each country.

Study programs include theory and online-practice. After completing a degree, graduates can apply for a job placement in different airlines.

Physical requirements

Requirements for future pilots are always very strict - and not only academic. Pilots must demonstrate endurance - so applicants  have to meet various tests, for example, running for short and long distances. In addition, various tests of physical strength are carried out.

Many diseases become an insurmountable obstacle to those wishing to become pilots. Epileptic patients, people with a spinal cord fracture or some other diseases of the spine, people after the operation on the pancreas, people deprived of one or more fingers, unfortunately, can not become pilots. The list of diseases that prohibits applying for training programs is large enough, and we recommend that you read it yourself.

Finally, the height of pilots should be more than 160 and less than 190 centimeters - this is due to the configuration of helmets.

Study programs in Pilot Training

Pilots  usually complete a specific undergraduate degree in the area of Pilot Training. Several study programs in this area can be found on our website, for example, BSc Pilot Training Program in Ozyegin University, Turkey, BSc Professional Pilot in Kansas State University, USA, or Bachelor of Aviation Pilot in University of South Australia, Australia. Find more study programs in this area by using the Search button.