International Relations

International Relations

International Relations is one of the branches of Political Science, which is dedicated to the relationship of different countries or their representatives. A degree in International Relations is usually taught separately, and it is one of the most popular academic disciplines in the world.

A degree in International relations is usually highly interdisciplinary, it includes topics and methods of History, Geography, Law, Philosophy, Economics.

Since International Relations is research-oriented discipline, a lot of Bachelor graduates continue their education and apply for a Masters and PhD degree in this area. That is why Bachelor study programs are usually more basic and dedicated to main topics in International Relations (however, sometimes students can choose a specialization, such as refugee studies or international economics), but Master study program is fully dedicated to the chosen specialization.

Some universities also offer combined BSc + MSc study programs in International Relations, which give students an opportunity to save some time.

Graduates holding a degree in International Relations receive the following skills (besides excellent background in politics and economics): research skills, teamwork, oral and written communication skills, debate ability, analysis skills.

Study programs in International Relations

You can find a lot of study programs in International Relations by using our website, for example BSc International Relations in Atilim University, Turkey,  PhD International Relations in University of Warsaw, Poland, or Political Science and International Relations  BA in Izmir University of Economics, Turkey.

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