University of Iowa MBA Scholarship

MBAStudents from all over the world are invited to participate in challenge from University of Iowa. Successful candidates will receive a scholarship of  up to $10000. It will cover the tuition fees of one of the MBA programmes in the University. Several scholarships are available:

  1. GMAT/GRE scholarship for students with GMAT results equal or more than 650 if they are citizens of English-speaking countries and equal or more than 600 if they are not;

  2. Stefano Andreello Memorial scholarship  for students with leading and communication skills and passion;

  3. Cultural diversity scholarship  for students from countries of South America, the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

Application for this scholarship need to demonstrate their interest in leadership development.

How to apply?

The application process can be completed via Score system. The application form includes personal profile, resume, and official transcripts. If succeed, applicants will be invited for an interview with Director of the University of Iowa. The deadline for applying is 15 May 2017.

Some additional information can be found on the application webpage or on the CIMBA website




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  • Tuition Fee:
  • International students: $ 41.5k / 1 year
  • Ranking:
  • 750 StudyQA
    University of Iowa logo
    • Tuition Fee:
    • International students: $ 55.1k / 1 year
    • Ranking:
    • 704 StudyQA
    • Duration:
    • 2 years
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