Joint Degree

Joint Degree

Students wishing to receive knowledge in Mathematics area and also master some applied discipline should consider applying for one of the joint (or dual) Mathematics study programs. Joint programs can combine courses of different faculties of one university, or different universities.

How does it work?

Usually study program of joint programs consists of several modules. The first year is usually dedicated to mathematic courses, and since the second year student start the education in the other department (or even university).

What do students receive?

Students can combine research activity and preparing for future employment while completing a Joint Degree. Besides, Joint study program usually includes an advanced internship. Another feature of Joint Degree is that students will receive all advantages of a year abroad if they choose a Joint degree from two different universities in different countries, for example, this program from DTU and KAIST, which combines studying in Denmark and South Korea.

Study programs

Some of the joint degrees can be found on our website, for example, BSc Mathematics and Economics in University of Dundee, UK, or BA Mathematics and Arts Subject Joint Honours in University of Birmingham, UK.





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