Language Summer Schools

Language Summer Schools

Students who wish to study a foreign language, but do not have an opportunity to enroll into one of the degree study programs in Language Studies or choose language as  another discipline in their joint degree, can participate in language summer schools. Summer school is a pack of short courses united by one main theme or goal. A lot of universities around the world host language summer schools. Summer schools usually last from two weeks to two or three months. The number of participants in summer schools is usually strictly limited, which allows participants to create a cohesive team, and teachers - to pay attention to each student.

Besides common lectures and seminars, summer schools always include interactive communication between students. Students often create team project during the summer school, or sometimes each participant is working on his project, and at the end of the summer school he presents it to other students.

Summer courses, like any other university electives, are recognized as academic education. Therefore, students who participated in the summer school, receive a few credit points (usually no more than seven) for the successful completion of the summer school. In addition, some hosting universities provide certificates confirming the completion of the courses.

During the summer school period, students live in university campuses, hostels or hotels. Organizers of summer school usually provide facilities for students: excursions, exhibitions and other activities.

Some universities and foundations offer scholarships to outstanding students. This scholarship covers the cost of training, and sometimes also the cost of accommodation in the hotel, meals and travel expenses.




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