Logic Studies is one of the main branches of Philosophy, often taught separately. Logic is the a systematic study of the form of arguments, it is deeply connected with Mathematics and sometimes these courses are combined.

There are several main branches of Logic: Informal Logic, Formal logic, Symbolic Logic, Mathematical logic. Informal logic explores natural arguments, which can be taken from any language. Formal logic works with abstract rules, which sometimes cannot be applied to language and reality. Symbolic logic studies symbolic abstractions that capture the formal features of logical inference. Mathematical logic is Symbolic logic combined with other research areas. Students enrolled into Logic study programs usually can choose one of these specializations for their future research.

Logic Studies can be taught as undergraduate or graduate programs. Some Philosophy programs also include Logic Studies as one of the specializations.

Programs in Logic Studies

On our website you can find several study programs in Logic Studies, for example, Logic and Theory of Science (MA) in Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary, or Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, in London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London, UK. You can also look for Philosophy programs with Logics specialization. 





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