Online Courses in Marketing

Those who are interested in Marketing, who wish to promote their business projects by themselves or want to get an interesting and promising career, but do not have an opportunity to study abroad for several years to get a degree, can consider completing online courses in Marketing.

Online courses can be either degree or non-degree. After completing online degree courses in Marketing you will receive a diploma from your university, which is equivalent to any degree diploma, which was received after completing a degree on campus.

Online degree study programs in marketing can be found on the websites on institutions specialized in marketing, advertising and public relations.

You can also complete non-degree online courses, which are usually ended with certificate, but also include a lot of practical exercises, and will be very useful when looking for a job in marketing area.

The cost of studying Marketing online varies on the chosen program, its length, whether it is degree or non-degree, the chosen institution and country. Some institutions provide free short courses for marketing enthusiasts.

Degree courses can also be completed by free, if your chosen university provides a scholarship for excellent students.

Several online courses in Marketing can be found on Coursera. According to the website policy, everybody can complete courses by free, but you need to buy the course if you wish to complete practical exercises, contact with teacher and other students and receive a certificate after completing a course. Moat of the courses dedicated to digital marketing - e-marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, but you can find courses devoted to any area of marketing.




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