Career options for Mechanical Engineering graduates

A degree in Mechanical Engineering opens a lot of doors for its graduates. Here are just some of them.

Mechanical Engineers deal with different kinds of mechanisms, so they are welcome in a wide range of industrial areas, such as railway, medicine, sport, aerospace and aeronautics, civil manufacturing, automotive industry. In many of these areas graduates with a degree in Mechanical Engineering can apply as general engineers - which means that they will work with other engineers and do research and calculations which are not very specialized.

Several non-engineering job options are also opened for Mechanical Engineering graduates. If the completed degree includes enough courses in programming and IT, graduates can try themselves in IT companies. Many graduates combine their knowledge background with MBA degree or additional courses in Business and Finances and start your our production or take a managerial role.

Many employers ask Mechanical Engineering graduates to have a relevant work experience. A number of universities provide students an internship or even a year in industry. If your chosen study program in Mechanical Engineering does not include an internship, you can find an internship during your summer holidays or even a part-time internship placement while you are still studying, and demonstrate your employer a strong work experience besides a completed degree.

Many graduates who have completed a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering continue their education in order to complete a Master and PhD degree either in Mechanical Engineering or other branches of Engineering (Aerospace or Materials, etc), and start research and teaching activities. Nevertheless, most of the graduates in Mechanical Engineering start their career path after receiving a Bachelor degree.