Medieval Period (Middle-Ages)

Medieval Period or Middle-Ages is a historical period between the end of Ancient period (which was marked by the fall of the Roman Empire) and the beginning of the Renaissance. This period lasted about ten centuries, from the fifth to the fifteenth century. The Middle Ages period is conditionally separated to three main periods: Early Middle Ages (from 5th century to 10th century), High Middle Ages (from 10th to 14th century) and Late Middle Ages (from 14th to 15th century).

The Early Middle Ages is characterized by the emergence of Christians as a strong and mass phenomenon, the apology of Christianity and its spread throughout all Europe, the increasing popularity of monarchism and the rise of Islam.

In addition, the early Middle Ages caused the partial destruction of ancient culture (because it was considered pagan and ungodly), which resulted in a period of oblivion of the world culture.

The High Middle Ages changed the attitude towards man and his work, which encouraged creation of many records of medieval culture, which helps us to study it nowadays. In addition, the High Middle Ages is characterized by the development of technologies.

The Late Middle Ages is mainly the history of wars, hunger and disease, which eventually resulted in a revival of culture, science and technology - the Renaissance period.

Studying of Medieval History is always deeply connected with religious studies, since Middle Ages is the rise of Christianity and Islam.

Study Programs

If you are interested in Medieval History and wish to study it in a university, you can find some study programs in Medieval History on our website, for example, MA Medieval Studies in University of London, UK,  MA Medieval Studies in Bangor University, UK, or  Medieval Studies in University of Nottingham, UK.




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