Career options for Meteorology graduates

A degree in Meteorology  are usually very applies and specific, which means they are most likely chosen by people with interest in this particular area. But the area of Meteorology is rather diverse, and graduates can choose from a wide range of employers and areas after completing a degree. Here are some of the possible career options for Meteorology graduates.

Research area

Researchers in Meteorology investigate the origin of certain atmospheric phenomena, study their changes, and systematize data on meteorological observations. They usually work for governmental or military organizations, or perform their research activity in universities or independently.

TV and radio broadcasting

These meteorologists work for TV, radio or Internet-media and collect information about the weather forecast in their country or all over the world. Of course, they can use data from their colleagues at weather stations, but they also need relevant knowledge in the field of meteorology.

Education and training

Some graduates decide to stay in their universities in order to teach future meteorologists. This career path require a strong education - at least a PhD degree in a relevant area.

Lighthouse keeper

This career option is for misanthropes and romantics, wishing to spend their life all alone beneath the sea in a lighthouse. Besides ability to live alone for years and years, future lightkeepers should have a strong knowledge background in Oceanology and Climate Studies - so even a Bachelor degree in Meteorology will be extremely useful.