Military Science

What is Military History?

Military History is a component of military science, dedicated to the origin, construction and actions of the armed forces (military formations) of the countries  or peoples of the world. In addition to history, military history contains elements of political science and communications, since it should assess the political context and circumstances that affect the course of the war. In addition, military history assesses the successes or failures of the armies, analyzes the causes of successes and failures, identifies the most successful strategies and make the basis for the theory of military affairs on the basis of this background. Usually, military history curricula are dedicated to specific wars or military events. The main difficulty in studying military history is connected with the secrecy of many military events, therefore it is sometimes very difficult to restore the correct course of events.

Study programs in Military History

Many universities offer study programs in Military History, either undergraduate and graduate. Graduates usually receive a Bachelor of Art (and Master of Art) degree after completing their education. Study program in Military History is highly theoretical and mostly dedicated to research and work with archives. Students work on their own research project, which they submit by the end of their education.

Several study programs in Military History can be found on our website, for example, MA Military History World War II (online study)  or MA Military History - Capstone Option (American Military History) (online study) in American Public University in USA. Find more study programs in Military History by using the Search button.