Nuclear Physics

Nuclear physics is a branch of physics which deals with the structure and properties of atomic nuclei, as also with their collisions (nuclear reactions).

One of the basic issues of nuclear physics is the construction of the atomic nucleus model. Since atomic nucleus is too comprehensive structure and cannot be explored neither from the point of view of precisely solved issues of physics, nor from the point of view of statistical physics.

One of the main topics of nuclear physics is the study of radioactivity. Radioactivity is the phenomena of decomposition of atomic nuclei of certain chemical elements, accompanied by active radiation. Nuclear physicists study the phenomenon of radioactivity, as well as its possible application in human life, for example, in military equipment or nuclear power plants.

Nuclear physics can be taught as a  specialization of Physics major or as a separate study program. Usually undergraduate  study programs in Nuclear Physics begin with basic courses in Physics and Maths and during the following years students undertake more specific modules in Nuclear Physics. Graduate study programs are usually more specific from the beginning to end.

Study programs in Nuclear Physics

You can find some interesting separate study programs in Nuclear Physics by using our website, for example, MA Nuclear Science and Technology in University of Manchester, UK, or MA Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion by Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. You can also search for Physics programs with Nuclear Physics specializations.




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