Career options for Nursing graduates

One of the main advantages of Nursing degree is guaranteed employment after completing a Bachelor (Associate, or Undergraduate Diploma) degree. Some institutions provide a guaranteed placement for nursing graduates in healthcare centers, hospices and hospitals, but even if a placement it not provides, the aim of every undergraduate study program in Nursing is preparing specialists in this particular area, so graduates holding a diploma in Nursing area can easily find a job in this area.

Although basic skills are similar for all Nursing specializations, the specialization defend the area of your future duties, for example, nurses, who wish to work with children, should undertake special modules dedicated to work with children.

Besides a career in Nursing area, graduates, holding a degree in Nursing, can also start a career in related fields. For example, all Nursing graduates can find a job of midwife, who work with pregnant women and recent parents. The duties of  a midwife include advising future parents,  monitor the course of pregnancy, and assisting during the birth.

Graduates holding a degree in Nursing area can also become paramedics and emergency nurses in emergency treatment. They can also find a job placement  in  various educational institutions, for example, schools, where their duties will include working with children and organization of  immunizations and other healthcare events.

Note that most of these professions require completed courses in this particular area, but all these courses correlate with a degree in Nursing.



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