Nursing specializations

Nursing area is very diverse (as nurses care about people from their birth to their death), and so is education in Nursing. Here you can find some mostly common specializations of Nursing. Some of  them are available after completing an undergraduate degree in Nursing, for other ones you might need to complete some courses after receiving a degree, applying for some might need a work experience.

Neonatal nurse

The main duties of a neonatal nurse include caring about newborn babies in hospitals. Usually neonatal nurses work with babies who was born too soon or feel bad after birth. Neonatal nurses also work with recent parents and give advices to them.

Child, or pediatric, nurse

Child nursing includes a lot of subdisciplines, just like adult nursing, with emphasis on specific child needs. Pediatric nurses should receive special qualification to work with children, some institutions also require work experience.

Psychiatric nurse

Psychiatric nursing works with patients with mental health issues - some of psychiatric nurses work with patients who are treated at the neuropsychiatric dispensaries, and some of them work in clinics with patients who are treated at home.

Medical-surgical nurse

Medical-surgical nurses prepare patients for surgery and care about them after the operation. Nurses who have chosen this specialization usually need to complete special courses,

Hospice nurse

Hospice nurses care about incurable patients.This is probably the most stressful specialization of nursing, which requires courage, compassion and infinite love for people. The most important, hospice nurses must be prepared for the fact that people will inevitably die before their eyes, and all that can be done is to ease their suffering in the face of death.

Hospice nurses need to complete specific courses after receiving a diploma, and they have to take these courses once in a certain period of time because of progressing technologies and medical equipment.




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