Online courses in Animation Studies


Despite the fact that most universities do not require special knowledge from applicants undergraduate programs in Animation Studies, some universities still require basic skills in animation. Therefore, you can find useful online animation courses if you wish to prepare for admission. Most of the courses  also provide certificated which can also be useful in your future education and career.

Online courses in Animation Studies can also be a great option for students who do not want to quit their job for education.

  •  3D Design and Animation by Noroff Online Studies. This part time online course lasts two years and includes modeling, texturing and lighting, visual effects, animation and character animation, and portfolio creating. Graduates of this course will receive 3D modelling skills and understanding of 3D industry.
  • 8 Month Online 3D Creature Animation Course  by Animation A Team. During this course   students will learn to draw and animate a realistic living creature. This course is available for beginners and also for for students with Maya experience (the program will be shortened to 6 months for them). The cost of this course is £4395.00GBP for beginners.
  • 3D Animation Course by Rocket Sky 3D Animation School. This course makes emphasis on classical animation principles and basic fundamentals and combine them with the 3D animation. Students  enrolling in this course become live-long members of Rocket Sky club. The partisipation in this program costs $5,400.


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