Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry, dealing with the etiology, diagnosis and methods of prevention and treatment of dental-maxillary anomalies. Orthodontics work only with those disorders which were developing during the formation of dental malocclusion.

The usual clients of orthodontics dentists are children and teenagers, because as long as the jaw is not fully formed, it is easier to influence its development. Orthodontists also monitor the process of changing teeth.

Orthodontists often also work with elderly patients, whose deformities of teeth and jaws have arisen as a result of tooth loss, age-related changes and periodontal diseases.

How to become an Orthodontist?

An education and qualification process for orthodontists varies on the country where you wish to start your clinical practice. In Russia, a Bachelor (or Master) degree in Dentistry, a special qualification courses and a year of internship in governmental or private clinic is usually enough to start clinical practice. However, in other countries, such as USA, those who wish to become an orthodontist need to complete a specific doctoral degree in this area (Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine), which is usually provided by special dental schools or regular universities, receive a special qualification, which is mandatory in all states, and then they can start their career in Orthodontics. Many countries have their own specific requirements for Dentistry qualifications, so you need to study them carefully before applying for a study program in Dentistry in a foreign country.

Study programs

You can find several study programs in Orthodontics by using our website, for example, MA Orthodontics, University of Sheffield, UK, MA Orthodontics, Cardiff University, UK, or PhD Orthodontics, University of Washington, USA.