PhD in Chemical Engineering

Although Chemical Engineering in a very practical area and most students decide to find a job after completing a BEng or MEng degree, a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering is a quite common option. Graduates holding a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering can find more advanced job in this area, or start research and teaching activity.

PhD study program in Chemical Engineering lasts from four to five years. Besides advanced courses and laboratory lessons in Chemical Engineering, it includes working on the doctorate thesis. The curriculum is usually quite flexible and depends on needs and research interests of the student.

Postgraduate education in practical field, such as Chemical Engineering, is usually quite expensive. Students have to pay for thesis costs besides tuition fees and other expenses. However, excellent students with a strong research proposal can apply for a scholarship or other funding.

Entry requirements for PhD study program depends on the chosen university, but it always includes a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering or related area with high GPA score. Sometimes holding  a Bachelor’s degree is enough for applying for a PhD degree.

A variety of PhD programs in Chemical Engineering can be found on our website, for example,   Chemical Engineering Graduate Study in Yale University, US, PhD Chemical Engineering in University of Birmingham, UK, or PhD Chemical Engineering in Kansas State University, US. You can find more options by using our search.



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