Studying Philosophy: Pros and Contras

Pros and cons of studying philosophy


  1. A great opportunity to study difficult and important questions from the past and present;
  2. A Bachelors degree in Philosophy lets you continue your education in different Humanities fields, such as Cultural Studies, Political Sciences, Religious Studies, Sociology, Theology, Law and other.
  3. You will get skills which will help you in any path you choose: ability of write clearly, ability of think and explain:
  4. With Degree in Philosophy, it is more likely that you will publish your works in science magazines;
  5. It will change your personality, as you will meet a variety of different concepts of human existence and consider them. Philosophy Studies helps you realize yourself as a part of сomplex, heterogeneous, ever-changing world, and learn social and political laws of this world.


  1.  A lack of practical skills and abilities you can use in your career;
  2. You will have to choose a very specific area of Philosophy if you wish to continue your study;
  3. It's not enough just to get a bachelor's and master's degrees in philosophy to study science, you will need to finish all the degree levels, and this process, most likely, will require a lot of time, energy and money.

If you have doubts about studying Philosophy because of lack of practical skills you will receive, you can apply for one of the double major programs and study Philosophy jointly with Political Sciences, IT, Mathematics or other disciplines you are interested in. Several universities teaching philosophy provide this opportunity. The other option you have is choosing one of the applied sub-disciplines  in Philosophy, for example, Logics, Conflictology or Applied Ethics. These disciplines are in demand on the international labor market.



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