Program structure for Military Science degrees

Programs in the field of military science are quite diverse, and the applicant can choose the one that will include disciplines which are related to his or her interests. Practical study programs in Military Science are mostly taught separately from theoretical study programs, so applicants can choose a study program in this area eight with or without physical training.

Of course, the curricula of study program in Military Science directly depends of which specialization you have chosen.

Most of the study programs in Military Science which can be found on our website are theoretical - it is Military History, Law, Logistics, Management or Economics. That mean that these study programs mainly consist of the specific courses in the leading discipline. Unlike the study programs in other disciplines, degrees in all areas of Military Science are usually very specific from the very beginning. Study programs in Military History, for example, can contain courses in history of particular war events and revolutions, as well as analysis of these events, sociology and philosophy courses. Study programs in Naval Art will more likely include specific courses in Engineering and Management. All students work on their research project, which they submit by the end of their education.

Some study programs may also include sports activities and events.

A variety of study programs in Military Science are available online - these programs can be as long as on-campus study programs or consist of evening and weekend lessons and last longer than usual study programs. Online education in Military Science can be a great option for those who already work in Military or Administrating area and wish to improve their skills and receive a more advanced job placement.