Security Studies

Security Studies is an academic discipline which unites international relations, communications, geography, criminology and military studies. It studies national security, that is, the security of all citizens of the country, the protection of their labor and livelihoods, as well as the sovereignty of the state, territorial integrity and the possibility of defense in the event of hostilities.

The following types of Security do exist: security of the state, defense and security, public safety, citizens' safety, environmental safety, labor safety.

The aims of Security Studies are analysis of threats to national security, the development of socio-political concepts of security, a comparative analysis of security systems and methods for ensuring the security for a country and its citizens.

Security Studies was established during the Cold War between USSR and USA, when the USA government accepted  the National Security Law in 1947. Nowadays study programs in Security Studies are taught in a variety of universities, they are the most popular in USA.

The most important topics of Security Studies nowadays are counter terrorism and cybersecurity.

Study programs in Security Studies

Security Law as an academic discipline can be taught as an undergraduate or graduate study program, PhD degrees in Security Studies are also available. Several study programs in Security Law can be found on our website, for example, MA International Law and Security in University of Glasgow, UK, or Organised Crime, Terrorism and Security in University of Essex in UK, or MA Information Security in University of London, UK. Find more study programs in Security Studies by using the Search button.