Social Work skills

Social Work skills

The skills required for a successful career in social work are quite specific. Some of them (for example, personal qualities) only develop during the process of obtaining a degree, and some are acquired from scratch.

Good written and oral communication skills are always required in  any Social Work area. Social workers  should communicate with an enormous amount of very different people in difficult situations, they also should be able to negotiate for funding, Social work is also deeply connected with law - communication skills are mandatory in all these activities. Social workers also need to be able to promote their projects, which also requires communication and leadership skills.

The process of helping people is always connected with a lot of problems. Social workers are sometimes forced to work with a lack of funding or time, and all these problems must be resolved quickly and efficiently. Solving problems is one of the basic skills that a degree in Social Work provides.

All social workers have to face an emotional burnout from time to time.The task of the social worker is to cope with this burnout.  Social work is a very challenging discipline, and it strongly requires stress tolerance, stability, and the ability to abstract from work, because unnecessarily emotional people do not stay in this profession for long.

Clients of social workers are not usually able to represent themselves in law institutions or  banks, so accurate representation of a client is one of the duties of a social worker. This is how social work connected with advocacy.

Working in Social Law area is extremely challenging and requires a lot of skills, but if you have a penchant for these skills and qualities - you will love this job.




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