Pharmacy specializations

As many other practical disciplines, Pharmacy is a very diverse area - it includes a variety of topics and aims, and each of them is connected with particular sub-discipline.


Pharmacology is one of the branches of pharmacy which aim is discovering reaction of human body to the medicaments.

Drug Chemistry is one of the most practical field of Pharmacy - it is dedicated to development and testing of new medicaments.

Microbiology is actually a branch of biology sciences, but is has a deep connection with pharmacy, since a lot of diseases are caused by microorganisms. In this case microbiology is often studied among other courses in Pharmacy degree.

Immunology studies human immune system and diseases which cause damage of the immune system.

Clinical pharmacy is another practical branch of pharmacy, with is dedicated to interaction with patients, diagnosing and providing medicaments.


How to study one of these specializations?

If you wish to choose one specific sub-discipline, you may probably need to apply for an undergraduate study program in Pharmacy and choose your specialisation after the first or second year of your study. You can also complete an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy and then apply for one of diverse graduate study programs in the discipline you have chosen. On our website you can find various graduate study programs in Pharmacology, Toxicology, Immunology, Drug Chemistry, Cancer Pharmacology and many other areas connected with Pharmacy.




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