Education in Denmark: student life

There is no doubt that Denmark is an ideal country in many ways, however, we should take a look at it through the eyes of students. There are several small students’ cities which are picturesque and comfortable, where you can enjoy a walk along the river, lost in the streets of the old city and forget about public transport at all. In these tiny towns, you can reach all places by bicyle or on foot.

Education in Denmark for foreign students is carried out in English, so you will almost remove the language barrier, increase your vocabulary and find new friends.

If we continue to consider the life of a student who is experiencing education in Denmark, we can not ignore such an important factor as accommodation. When students move into a rented apartment, they should not be surprised that they will enter a completely empty room without any furniture.  However, it is not a big deal. You can acquire all the necessary stuff on the first day of arrival. How is this possible? It's very simple! First, each city has a special commission store or second-hand shop, where everyone can buy a table, a chair, a lamp, a mattress, kitchen utensils and so on. They are specially designed for students, so the prices are ridiculously low. Second, if a student enters an empty apartment it means he should leave it like that after studies. Therefore, students organize special groups in social networks, where they buy and sell a variety of household items at symbolic prices. The university provides the information where to find these stores and groups.

Everyone who goes to study in Denmark must make the insurance, at least for a month. The student will receive a personal registration number (CPR number) and a yellow card, which is a health insurance card. Also, the student will be able to choose a family doctor from the list, which will be provided by the university. Typically, students choose a doctor with the nearest address. Student can get almost all medical services and treatment for free, except the dentist’s ones. This kind of services are so expensive, that it is cheaper to buy a plane ticket home and see a doctor there. Therefore, be careful with your teeth in Denmark.

Work opportunities - this factor is a concern of all students, and especially abroad, where there is no help from parents. In accordance with the law in Denmark students have the right for a part-time job up to 15 hours per week during the period of study and full-time job during the summer. Fortunately, any Danish city is full of places where the student can find a job. Basically, they are bars, restaurants, shops, where you can safely use English and have an hourly job to combine it with the studies at the university.

There is another point which seems to be one of the most winning if compare with other universities. It is an opportunity of practical training or studying by exchange program in other countries around the world. Thus, the student can get acquainted with the culture of another country, learn the language, get new friends and so on.

Basically, these are advantages of education in Denmark:

  • Comfortable and cosy students’ cities;

  • English language training for foreigners;

  • No need to know danish language in order to study in Denmark, English is enough;

  • There is an opportunity to earn while studying;

  • Universities actively help their students in finding employment.



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