Student life in the Netherlands

The Netherlands attracts more than 80,000 international students every year, and, while the most important reason may be the quality of the universities in this country, a vibrant student life may also play an important role in the choice between different countries you want to study in. The Netherlands is a country with long history which could offer many interesting things for international students, from historical monuments and art museums to underground music festivals.

Amsterdam is said to be a truly international city: not only because many international students and other foreigners live here, but also because local people are very friendly and speak English very well. Because of that, it becomes easier for international students to find new friends in the Netherlands as well as to become a real part of the country's cultural life. In the Netherlands you could meet international students from almost every country in the world, including Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Student life in the Netherlands usually takes place off-campus: most of the universities are situated in the big cities (Amsterdam, Hague, Tilburg), oftentimes in the historical center. Students do not only communicate with each other, but are an important part of city's social and cultural life. Moreover, students may choose o participate in one of the numerous students associations: they may be created according to academic interests, professional orientation and or even because of common hobby. These associations also provide useful tips in finding a job or an internship during your studies or after the graduation. The work for these association may also be an important sign of your leadership abilities.

Other students will find more interesting to visit various bars, pubs an clubs in the city. For those who loves music, thousands of music festivals are held every year in the Netherlands. The most important and large ones are usually take place in the capital of the country, Amsterdam, but even small cities often organize some famous music events.




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