Translation Studies

Translation Studies

Translation Studies is an academic discipline, which explores the process and mechanic of  converting information from one language to another. Translation is often taught as subdiscipline of Linguistic and Languages, all Modern Languages study programs also include a mandatory translation course.

Program structure for Translation study programs

The curriculum of Translation study program includes courses of the chosen foreign language and courses of native language of students (or English, which is more likely). Study program also includes courses of oral and written translation, and interpreting studies.

Bachelor study program in Translation usually lasts from three to four years, and sometimes includes a year abroad. Universities also provide a variety of internships for students.

Career options for Translation Studies graduates

Graduates holding a bachelor degree in Translation studies can find a job in a variety of areas connected with languages, translation and interpreting. Graduates can become professional translators or interpreters, and work in a public or private organization, or be self-employed and work at home.  They can also choose other career paths, for example, subtitling, proofreading or project management.

With appropriate education in the field of literature, graduates can work in publishing and translating fiction and nonfiction books.

Relevant study programs

If you are interested in applying for a Translation study program, you can find some of them on our website, for example, BA Translation and Interpretation Program in Izmir University of Economics, Turkey, MA Translation Studies in University of Surrey, UK, or MA Translation in University of Bristol, UK. Please note that university usually provide a variety of available languages, make sure that your chosen language is on the list.




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