Tuition fees to study in Denmark

The opportunity to study in Denmark attracts many students from different countries. Its educational system is based on the best European traditions, using modern tools and technologies. The education in Denmark is fully controlled by the state. Each stage passes the strictest tests.

Education for foreigners who came to study in Denmark from the European Union, as well as for students on exchange programs is for free. Students who do not meet these requirements will have to spent on education in Denmark from 6 to 16 thousand euros per year.

As the additional costs it is necessary to consider the purchase of educational materials (not less than 600 euros per year), as well as health insurance. Each university sets its own scholarship and admission systems.

Postgraduates who study in Denmark can always count on a state scholarship program. However, there are scholarship programs for foreign students residing both within the EU and beyond. For example, Nordplus and Erasmus programs are available exclusively to Europeans, while students from countries outside the European Union can apply for Erasmus Mundus grants.

Capable students from outside the EU may also be qualified for the Danish government grants. In particular this applies to those who seek to study in Denmark in depth of the language and culture and to integrate into society.



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