Tuition fees in the Netherlands

Tuition fees in the Netherlands differs significantly for EU citizens and those who live outside the European Union. EU students usually pay around 2,000 euro per year (or slightly more in some universities), while for other international students tuition fee for bachelor programs may vary between 6,000 and 15,000 euro and as much as 20,000 euro for master programs.

For example, in the University of Amsterdam, which is one of the best universities in the Netherlands, non-EU students on the Faculty of Humanities have to pay €8,250 per year for Bachelor program and between €10,450 and €14,700 per year for Master program (for two-years or one-year programs). Medical education is much more expensive: Bachelor program costs €20,350 per year and the Master program - €22,660. Programs in Economics and Business are usually slightly more expensive than programs in Arts and Humanities, but still cheaper that medical education.

Less famous universities usually have lower fees, ranging from 8,000 for 10,000 euro for Master programs. For example, Hague University of applied sciences proposes bachelor programs for 7,900 euro per year for international students. Doctoral programs are usually free for students: universities tend to provide scholarships or on-campus jobs (research or teaching assistance) for those who were admitted to PhD programs.

However, while tuition fees are comparatively high, Dutch government and universities themselves provide numerous scholarships for both Bachelor and Master international students, including those tho came outside the EU. To obtain these scholarships, students usually have to have an excellent academic credentials or to demonstrate leadership abilities. Scholarships usually cover the tuition fees and sometimes even provide a monthly stipend.

Living costs in the Netherlands for students are usually between 800 and 1,100 euro per month. Living costs vary significantly between cities: for instance, to live in Amsterdam is more expensive than anywhere else.  



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    • Domestic students: $ 2.41k / Year
    • International students: $ 11.3k / Year
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      • Domestic students: $ 1.91k / Year
      • International students: $ 7.4k / Year
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