Typeface Design

Typeface Design

One of the sub-disciplines of Graphic Design is Typeface Design. The study program includes principles and methods of typeface design. Graduates of these programs are prepared to create their own typeface designs and work for a firm or be self-employed.

Entry requirements for Typeface Design programs

Typeface Design is a very specific discipline, so it is usually taught as a Masters program. Applicants for Masters program in Typeface design need to hold a Bachelor degree in Design Studies and a work portfolio. Language proficiency is always required, all universities accept the results of IELTS and TOEFL, but minimum required result depends on the chosen university and program.

Visa requirements depend in the country you choose.

You can find some Bachelors programs with type design specialiation, for example, Bachelor Graphic Design in the University of Dundee, UK, of Masters programs, for example, MA in Typeface Design, University of Reading, UK, on our website.





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