Who is an Environmental Chemist?

Who is the Environmental Chemist?

Environmental Chemist is a scientist working for improving the ecological situation of the Earth with concentration on the chemical processes and effects in soil, atmosphere and water. Environmental Chemists work not only in laboratories: their work also includes a lot of field activities. Marine Environmental Chemists can also spend some time of their work process of a ship in a middle of a sea - so the work of Environmental Chemists can not be called monotonous. Usually Environmental Chemists work in teams and conduct collaborative research or applied project, combine their efforts with environmental organizations and establish consultations.

How to become an Environmental Chemist?

Of course, a career of Environmental Chemist requires a very advanced education. Education usually starts with an undergraduate degree in Chemistry or Ecology, since separate study programs in Environmental Chemistry are rather rare. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in these areas (and choosing a specialization and research topic related to Environmental Chemistry) graduates can apply for a specific Master of Science study program in Environmental Chemistry, and after a few years - for  a relevant PhD program. After receiving a PhD degree, graduates can start postdoctoral research and find a job placement in their institution, any other educational institution in the world or research center.

Where to work?

Many specialists in Environmental Chemistry area are employed by environmental consulting agencies. Governmental and non-profit ecology organizations are also welcome researchers in Environmental Chemistry. Many of them combine research activities with teaching in higher educational institutions.