Why choose to study in Austria?

Study in Austria


Are you choosing a country to study abroad? What factors are important to you? Austria has one of the oldest universities in Europe, Universität Wien - the University of Vienna. It is ranked one of the top countries in the universities ranking in terms of the number of students – there are over 90,000 people studying there.  The University of Vienna focuses on Humanities and Natural Sciences.

The University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, famous for its talented graduates, is equally prestigious. Every year the most gifted European musicians and artists compete for a place to study at this university. 

The Salzburg Music University ‘Mozarteum’ is named after the genius of the world of music. The atmosphere of Mozart’s birthplace – what can be more inspiring for a creative mind?

The cities of Linz, Graz, Innsbruck are also a homeland of top universities with courses in Engineering and Technology, Economics, Humanities, Medicine, Natural Sciences attracting students from all around the world.

The faculties are diverse with professionals from Austria, Germany, other European counties and the USA, what gives superb opportunities of international development in the chosen field of study.

Diplomas from Austrian universities qualify throughout Europe.

Relatively easy admission procedures

For certain courses state universities do not require entry exams or knowledge of the German language. After an applicant has been admitted to a course, he/she receives a student visa with work permit (those taking a preparatory course or studying Bachelor’s degree program can work a maximum of 10 hours a week, and those doing Master’s degree are allowed to take 20 hours a week). There is also an opportunity to take a German preparation program (up to 4 semesters) before the course starts.

Lower tuition fees

For Russian students tuition fee in Austrian universities is about € 760 per semester at the moment, while for Ukrainian and CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States) students the fee hovers around €380 a semester.

Work while studying

Students are eligible to work up to 20 hours a week, as was mentioned above.

Employment opportunities after graduation

After graduation, a former student has another 6 months of the official stay in the country to search for a job. During the course, you can also take part in research projects in the field you specialize in, attend career fairs where employers advertise vacancies with their companies.

Comfort and safety

Austria is well known for being one of the countries with high standards of living. Comfort is thought out to the minutest detail. Crime and Austria simply do not go together.

Its convenient location in the center of Europe gives a chance to visit other European countries. You can opt to sip Viennese coffee for breakfast, have dinner in a cozy Italian restaurant, take a weekend trip to Paris – student visa allows free entry to all EU countries.

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