Engineering abroad: why?

Many study programs in Engineering in all universities of the world include a semester or a year abroad; besides this, there are a lot of other opportunities of Engineering students to participate in exchange programs or international practice. Why is it so important and isn’t it better to spend all your education period in your home university without being distracted on travelling and settling down again and again?

Improving communication skills

The change of the scenery, especially global, such as moving to another country, helps to develop communication skills. Different language speakers, new places, new relations - all these help you to restart your head and look at your activities (including engineering and research) from another point of view. Besides, it is a wonderful opportunity to travel and see the world - you may have less opportunities like this when you settle in your engineering career.

Useful for your portfolio

The experience of travel will distinguish you against the background of the similar specialists. First of all, this line in the resume will tell your employer that you are well adapting to the new conditions and can be the face of the company, for example, on various business trips abroad.

Where to find these opportunities?

First of all, get in touch with student consultancy of your home university and ask them if there are any exchange programs with partner universities. If your university does not provide this opportunity, you can find one by yourself in Internet. If you do not have enough time for this, you can contact the agency that will select a free program, help with a scholarship and with the selection of documents. Find a list of our partner agencies here.