Why study Fashion abroad?

Fashion is quite an international field of activity, so it is logical to receive an education in Fashion in another country or even several countries, as well as  modern study programs in Fashion allow and even encourage students to  spend a year on internships or education in another country.

So why study Fashion abroad?

  1. Travelling opportunities. You can find a modern university with a study program in Fashion, which curricula only consists of travelling. Since education in the field of Fashion includes communications with fashion houses (for example, in London, New York or Milan), students can visit all these places - which is a huge advantage for travel lovers.
  2. Workshops with famous fashion designers. Travelling in the capital of fashion means interacting with fashion designers, so study program in Fashion should always include workshops or lectures from the top designers of fashion houses.

Many universities also provide certification study programs for overseas students who have already received an education in Fashion, Design or related areas. These programs can last from one to three years and include professional training, internships in fashion houses and design studios. These programs prepare specialists in specific areas - retail buying, fashion design, merchandise and many other. So even if you received education in your country, you still have a chance to experience international education.

If you wish to study Fashion abroad, but have troubles with finding the most relatable study program in this area, we can help you - contact us and we will find you the best study program with scholarships.