Why study Geography?


Today Geography is no longer associated with glorious discoveries and new territories, nowadays, when all places on Earth have been discovered and named, Geography considers with some other issues. So why study Geography, if there is barely a chance that a new territory will be named after you?


1. Geography and environment

A man visited almost all corners of this planet, and almost everywhere their influence is felt, and this influence is mostly harmful for the environment. Along with other disciplines, geography predicts and prevents catastrophes caused by mankind, by studying the patterns of Earth.


2. Diverse background

Geography is called a bridge between social and natural sciences. It is closely connected both with social sciences, such as anthropology, sociology, political science, and with natural sciences, such as physics and biology, which means that a graduate holding a degree in Geography has knowledge background in all these study fields.


3. Travelling

Both study and research activities in Geography usually include a lot of travelling. Geography students are usually encouraged to spend a year abroad, study program in Geography also includes a lot of fieldwork and expeditions. So if you love travelling and wish to combine your interests with education, what can be better than a degree in Geography?


4. Transferable skills

Most skills you will receive while studying Geography are quite specific - preparing maps, fieldwork, using specific equipment, but besides specific skills you will develop a lot of skills which will be useful in any study or career field, such as research and analysis skills, IT skills, communication skills, teamwork and many others.




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