Why study History?

Why it is so important to study History?

History students receive a huge knowledge pack about, basically, the structure of world created by man. The study of history helps to understand the essence of many phenomena from different fields of knowledge, which turns a degree in history into a highly comprehensive education; history is a very broad discipline due to the fact that everything around us has a history that is worth exploring and discussing.

Another very important argument in favor of studying history is that history always repeats itself. Thus, by studying the past and looking for special patterns in it, we obtain the opportunity to foresee the course of events in future. Studies in the field of history can prevent the return of the old mistakes of mankind - wars, starvation, poverty.

What opportunities gives a degree in History to its graduates?

Since History is a very wide and diverse discipline, graduates can continue their education in one of a many areas after completing an undergraduate degree in History. For example, they can apply for a Master’s study programs in Philosophy, Political Sciences, Librarian Studies, Museum Studies, Art History, Religious Studies, Anthropology, Teaching, Accountancy - and this list can be continued.

The information about career options for History graduates can be found here.

Developed skills

Studying History in a university helps to develop the following list of transferable skills - analytical skills, research skills, oral and written communication skills, self-learning skills, basic IT skills, teamwork, time-management. These skills can be useful in many areas besides history research activity, for example, in journalism and media, in teaching, in business and accounting.




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