Why study Linguistics?

Linguistics is one of the most popular Arts and Humanities study field, which is chosen by dozens of applicants all around the world every year. Why do they choose to study Linguistics?

Study abroad

If you choose to study a particular language of a particular country, your education most likely will include a year in this country. In addition, after completing your education you will have an opportunity to find a job in this country.

Transferable skills

As many other Arts and Humanities degrees, a degree in Linguistics provides its graduates a lot of transferrable skills which will be useful both in scientific and non-scientific career. The list of transferable skills include: excellent writing skills and linguistic instinct, verbal communication skills, analysis, IT, research and presentation skills.

Career options

A lot of graduates holding a degree in Linguistics continue their education to start research or teaching career. However, career opportunities for Linguistics graduates do not end at the position of a teacher at a university or a research fellow, as is commonly thought. All professions related to language are available for Linguistics graduates. A lot of graduates start a career in journalism and media area, some linguists write speeches for politicians, Linguistics graduates can also become Social workers,  editors or even writers - it all depends on the interests of graduates and their developed skills.

Joint degrees

As many other Arts and Humanities degrees, Linguistics can be combined with other subject, which gives you a chance to receive more comprehensive education. Usually a Linguistics degree is combined with a specific language course or other humanities discipline, such as Philosophy.




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