Why study Mathematics?

M. Lomonosov, the greatest Russian scientist, said: “We should study mathematics for no other reason than to organize our minds”. What else can a degree in mathematics area offer to university students?

Mathematics is interesting.

One of the greatest advantages of Mathematics is that if you penchant for it, you will never get tired of it. Mathematics as a research area is extremely challenging and difficult - and extremely fascinating. Scientists often describe moments when they finally find an answer, reveal a regularity, prove a theory as the best moments of their lives.

You will never stay jobless.

A degree in Mathematics (either Bachelor, or Master’s or PhD) provides a huge range of job opportunities for its graduates - from accountancy to engineering and IT. One more advantage - jobs related to Mathematics area are usually highly paid.

You can combine your degree in Mathematics with other discipline.

Joint programs with Mathematics are fairly common. They allow students to get strong background in Mathematics, as well as to master some applied discipline, which perfectly prepares Mathematics students for future employment

You will develop skills which will be useful in any area you choose later.

A degree in Mathematics allows its students to develop a lot of useful and transferable in other areas skills: mathematical skills, problem-solving and advanced logical skills, IT and technology skills, analytical skills, time-management and teamwork.




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