Why study Public Administration?

Public Administration is a rather new discipline, which is, however, developing really fast. Here are some reasons for you to start studying Public Administration in a university.

Career in government

This is the most obvious reason why many applicants decide to choose a degree in Public Administration - it provides a variety of skills which will be useful for those who wish to start a career in government. Many degrees in Public Administration also include internships in local government departments - check out the curriculum of a study program you have chosen!

Various career opportunities

Besides career in government, there are many ways you can use your skills and knowledge received by a degree in Public Administration. Graduates can find themselves in Public Health area, communications, media, human resource and any area related to managements and communication with people. Even a Bachelor degree in Public Administration opens a lot of doors, not to mention higher level education.

Opportunity to change your hometown

Since most of the graduates holding a degree in Public Administration start a career in local government departments, they have a chance to change it for better before the promotion to state government departments, so if you wish to affect the life of your hometown, a degree in Public Administration is probably one of the most effective ways.

DIverse knowledge background

Besides practical and specific skills, students undertake courses in economics, finance, business administration, which can be transferred in your future career or be useful in higher education in other relevant area.