Why study Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a wide and important area of Medicine and Public Health, and specialists in this area need to have a strong education. Here are some reasons, why you should study Physiotherapy.

A variety of career options

Graduates holding a degree in Physiotherapy (from undergraduate degree to PhD) develop a lot of skills which will be useful in many career paths. They can find themselves in sports area, or work in healthcare centers, get a job in the spa resorts or start their career path in social work area - all these career options are available for those who are not afraid of receiving new knowledge and spending time on trainings and internships.

Helping people

Physiotherapy is a very emphatic area, as many other fields in Medicine. Physiotherapy helps people to get rid of the pain, helps the injured from injuries to learn how to move and walk again, softens the developmental defects in children, and makes life easier for the elderly. Experts in the field of physiotherapy literally do better and more comfortable the lives of specific people - what can be a bigger advantage?

Good news for people who are afraid of blood

The fear of blood - this is a fairly common phenomenon among mankind, even among those people who go to connect their lives with the help for other people. However, Physiotherapy is a field of medicine that practically does not include the sight of blood. Of course, many physiotherapy curricula include compulsory practical courses in clinical medicine and anatomy, but such cases will not occur during the work.