Why study Earth Sciences?

Earth Science is the best option for those who are interested in Earth, had passion for Geography and other Natural Sciences in high school and wish to start fascinating career with research and travelling. There are a lot of advantages of studying Earth Sciences in a  university.

Environmental issues

There is no surprises that Earth Sciences are deeply connected with environment. Experts in Earth Science work together with environmental organizations in order to solve problems related to the condition of our planet, which is have really hard days for last several decades. That is why the world needs more experts in Earth Sciences and that is why a lot of foundation provides scholarships for those who wish to change the world. Maybe you will be the one whose effort in helping our planet will be the most important.

Diverse study programs

One of the advantages of studying Earth Sciences in a university is that curriculum usually includes a lot of fieldwork, so it will be amazing opportunity for those who love working outdoors. Sometimes fieldwork is located far away from university - Oceanology students, for example, can spend their internship in the sea as a part of a research team.

Transferable skills

Although Earth Sciences is a rather research-oriented discipline, graduates receive a lot of skills which will be useful in many other career paths - analysis and presentation skills, teamwork and ability to work in unusual conditions, time-management, IT skills. A strong knowledge background in Mathematics and Chemistry is also developed.



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